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Black green leather shoulder bag – W50R


Black green leather shoulder bag – W50R

Dimensions: 20*28*8cm

Metallic silver chain

100% genuine leather

Clip closure

Inner pocket with zip closure

**The real leather colour may differ from the photos



Every woman should feel unique and special. And what better way to feel special than to wear unique and distinctive clothes?

White50Room was started to do just that. By designing original clothes and producing a certain amount of pieces, it guarantees that you will never have to feel uncomfortable ever again when you see someone from the next company wearing the same clothes as you.

Using materials from Greek producers, designing all the pieces ourselves, and sewing them with passion, we strengthen the Greek economy and promote creativity and uniqueness. All our products are from the beginning to the end made in Greece and this is because we try to give a step to Greek creators and suppliers.

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