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Long necklace with silver elements – Sarina


Long necklace with silver elements – Sarina

An opportunity to touch the Greek Jewelry you have always dreamt of and own the ones that fascinated you.

Necklace designed by Sarina Beza.

Material: Silver 925



All of our products have hallmarks which include: 925 which certifies the silver quality and lab’s unique verification code (given only to authorized silversmith by our country’s strict rules of quality standards).


Sweet or sour story, long or short, old or new, every woman can tell a story and the best way to tell it is through a jewel. Rhythm and movement, rare techniques, 925 sterling silver, silver and gold 18 and 14 carats, rough diamonds, vibrant artistic sensitivity.

These are the materials Sarina uses to express with simplicity her jewellery designs. The uniqueness in their construction and design constitute a new proposition that transcends greek jewellery.

Sarina Beza was born in Athens in 1966. She studied at the State Art Laboratory and along side the sculptress Beat Zanin in preparation for the Bloomfield College of Fine Arts in Israel, where she specialized in Jewellery. In 1992 she establishment her own workshopShe participated in several group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and received an award from the Olympic committee in 2014 for her marvelous work.

Sarina Beza achievements

1998 exports to germany
2000 exports to u.s.a.
2002 exports to belgium.
2003 group exhibition in gallery marneri ”artist in ματrιμονυ” .
2006 member of jaw (jewellerυ art workers).
2007 group exhibition with jaw in gallery marneri on”water”.
2008 group exhibition ”water” of jaw in thessaloniki.
2009 group exhibition in thessaloniki tribute to the greek cinema. Participation at inηorgenta in germany.
2011 november “gallery nimfes”
2011 november “drama and thejeweller” to instituation kakogiannh.
2012 exports to australia.
2013 september conferment jewelleries to the arrival ceremony of the olympic flame in ancient olympia.
2014 january awarded from olympic committee.
2014 may group participation for the exhibition “sumbols” of jaw in athens.
2014 october “gallery nimfes” participation at exhibition.
2014 november “actus” participation at exhibition.
2015 february gazi technopolis “a jewel made in greece”
2016 group exhibition in gallery marneri
2016 february gazi technopolis “a jewel made in greece”
2016 exhibition in internation airport of greece “el.venizelos”
2016 participation at jewelry week in athens.
2016 group exhibition “territory” at lalaounis museum
2017 group exhbition “trinity” in gallery marneri.

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