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Silver bracelet with tourmaline – Polemis


Silver bracelet with tourmaline – Polemis

Cuff bracelet from the designer Polemis collection. The unique and innovative designs of Polemis are handcrafted with the finest attention to detail.

An impressive large cuff bracelet, a contemporary version of a Roman design, made in black and gold sterling silver and decorated with multi-color tourmaline gemstones.

All of our products have hallmarks which include: 925 which certifies the silver quality and our lab’s unique verification code: γ73 (given only to authorized silversmith by our country’s strict rules of quality standards).




πολεμηZanna Polemis’ inspirations mainly derive from ancient jewelry forms.

With a fresh, artistic approach these forms are transformed into unique, contemporary, sculpture-like jewelry pieces. Working with sterling silver, he creates impressive, bold, high contrast pieces combining black, gold or shiny silver finished with or without gemstones.

Her bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings collection makes a powerful statement and speaks to those who combine originality, uniqueness and sophistication.

Many new customers are making an emotional connection to the unique and high-quality product line that comes with an accessible price tag. The photos say everything, and Polemis’ strength of presentation has been doing them a great service.

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