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Gold & rhodium plated silver earrings – Efstathia


Gold & rhodium plated silver earrings – Efstathia

Material: gold – rhodium plated silver 925






Efstathia’s jewelry pieces are sneak peeks in two dofferent worlds. The one we live in and the one that…lives inside us!

The ever inspiring earthly texture of mineral rocks with the harmonious, natural imperfections and the imagination stimulating urban architecture to liberate feelings to thrill us and create short sparkling stories that narrate the mood of each day!

Efstathia’s relasionship with jewelry is interwoven with her life since her earliest childhood memories are connected with her mother’s jewelry workshop and shop. Growing up next to a very creative person, Efstathia was introduced to the mystique of creativity at an early age, gaining knowledge and experience that later turned into training and specialization with her studies in the field of handmade jewelry.

After years of working ceaselessly in thiw field, Efstathia has concudes with her basic tools that best express her creative mind.

By working on silver, black and gold plated silver and mineral rocks, she creates jewels that cover every aspect og the feminine mood!

Her collections include a wide range of nechlaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, all carrying her personal creative imprint. Her jewels highlight the feminine spirit and can accompany all modern women’s activities and desires.



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